What’s wrong with email? A distinct lack of respect

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If you are an exception to the following remarks then you know who you are. As for those guilty, you also know who you are. Respect is never a waste. Nor is it ever too late to change.

When you give someone your email address, you are giving them a token of trust. Particularly when using Enveloperty’s dynamic address system, you are giving them a specific & unique token which will grant them access to your attention. So when you think about it, how insulting is it for that trust to be abused, particularly with such regularity!?

Think about how routinely an email address you give out suffers a tidal wave of unwanted email. The nice thing about Enveloperty over traditional email, is you know exactly where the leak came from. You can attribute email with great accuracy since each entity has one email address from you. Millions of sheeple organizations essentially just throwing shit at others seeing what sticks, for lack of motivation to do better. I say for lack of motivation to do better, because they know what they are doing is wrong. People know when they are doing something wrong. They may choose to justify or camouflage their transgressions, but in their heart the know.

But it isn’t the sheeple senders fault. They are gonna do what they’re gonna do, eeking out a living however they can. They are caught in a vicious cycle that isn’t easy to break out of. The real villains are the institutions that encourage and enable the behavior. What I want is the people who give us up to them. I want the greedy m-fer who sell us to the sheeple. THEY are what’s wrong with email. The ones that feed and encourage the bleating to line their own pockets at the detriment to everyone else! Don’t misunderstand, the sheeple absolutely have blame and have the power to stop. But if this dilemma is ever going to be solved, the puppet master not the puppets need to be the focus of efforts.

Sing it Aretha

People have collectively not been happy with email for decades now. For decades email has been closer to a curse than a blessing. There isn’t really anything wrong with the concept. But the implementation has been corrupted. Why is that? Numerous email services, features and reforms have been launched since. So how is that email keeps getting worse, not better?

The answer, is an answer you will hear to a great many questions. The answer to why the email ecosystem continues to degrade, is that there is a distinct lack of respect.

Respect, is doing the right thing by someone even if there isn’t a direct reward or punishment for doing so.

Initially, email was a bunch of like minded scientists and engineers where everyone had access to everyone else. This architecture was the natural solution, because each individual would of course show the upmost respect for their colleagues, just as they would in person. The internet, and thus email grew and added more and more users. Then it happened, like most beautiful things, all it takes is one snollygoster to ruin it all. That person’s name was Gary, may energetic mosquito’s follow him wherever he goes.

Gary had a decision to make. Before him lay a beautiful garden of innovation where people came together to innovate and further humanity. But Gary saw a way to make money. So he let rip the first instance of spam to several hundred recipients. Boom goes the eden for sales. Money was distinctly chosen over dignity and respect for ones fellows. An immediate uproar came from the victims, but it was too late, the die was cast. Things have been going downhill ever since then.

Fast forward to the modern era of the email ecosystem. The email interruption industry is $22B. That’s 22B reasons for people worldwide to interrupt you! Since Gary, many many many people have been faced with the same decision. Do I sacrifice the community for my own gain? And well… the industry didn’t get where it is because a lot of people said no. Decisions were made. They could be good stewards of the trust placed in them by people providing their email addresses. Or they could sell out to anyone who pays. It is obvious which they chose.

Apathy means condoning

Obviously, those being tormented by the ubiquitous, unavoidable and repetitive flood of unwanted email are less than thrilled by their peers decisions to spam. But, for better or worse, America is a capitalist society. Which means motivation comes from the prospect of monetary reward and loss. It is obvious that said spammers are not going to make the ethical decision to stop anytime soon.

So, we the receivers need to educate the senders. We must train senders by impacting their revenue. The way we can impact their revenue is by interacting with their content, or not. When senders send you content without your permission or worse yet, abuse permission you gave for content you wanted, the receivers must not interact with the content. Refuse to patron organizations with poor email respect, and change will follow. Look at the organic and ethical sourcing revolution. In a nutshell, enough people chose to reward some organizations over others. The organizations left out either changed how they did business, or went out of business. We all make decisions, but in the end our decisions make us.

Enveloperty A googol of solutions

Using Enveloperty email, the bleating spammers are quarantined in a way that we will never interact with them, depriving them of any income from us. The beauty of this solution, is that it deprives the senders any information as well. A successful delivery looks the same as a dropped delivery. If you have permission to email us, you’ll know what to do. Without feedback, the spammers are unable to iterate their way into your inbox. When a person unsubscribes by clicking on their button, they stop wasting resources on the person and move on. But with Enveloperty, their entire list could have blacklisted them entirely, and the spammers would never know it. They would continue throwing talent, time and resources into the list. This is a very effective way to punish bad behavior without giving them closure. Draining their resources in a most frustrating manner. Furthermore, there is virtually unlimited naming schemes available. With 1e+100 possible valid addresses, Enveloperty hopes to have an automated TLS like system between Enveloperty users in the future once the user base has grown.

Conversely, content that I do want, like from Scott Galloway and Seth Godin, get a immediate notification channel directly to me. The moment their email comes into my system, it is organized in their own folder, and a notification is sent to me where I open the email and read it all immediately. This action is straight influence currency to them. In this manner I reward them for their good behavior. As with organics and ethical sourcing, good behavior will be rewarded, and bad behavior will be punished.

Our mascot logo the porcupine gives an excellent metaphor for Enveloperty email. Porcupines can be your cute and cuddly friend if you treat them carefully. Otherwise, they have 30,000 pointed reasons for you to stay away.

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