What If I Told You I Haven’t Seen Any RSA Conf Spam?

by | Mar 17, 2020 | Behavioral InfoSec

Being inundated with email is natural after a conference. In some ways it is the ultimate test for a email system. To see email you want, and only the email you want. But most importantly not losing any desired email. A test Enveloperty has passed

Enveloperty went to the 2020 RSA conference. For anyone unfamiliar here is a quick troglodytes briefing. RSA is a lot like Blackhat, if you’ve ever heard of that conference. Its core is the expo, halls of booths from the infosec companies that can afford it. Think of it as almost a state of the infosec union. By walking the aisles, you can check in or get in touch with most infosec companies that are too big to be bothered answering your email. For the exhibitors, the point is to raise their image and get leads. Nowadays scanning devices are used that pull your contact information from your badge. People hover around booths scanning your badge, adding you to email lists which would be a big problem, unless you use the Enveloperty add-on. As once the conference ends, a torrent of email is sent out to anyone and everyone scanned.

This is a big problem, because these organizations who pay $300k for a booth, also invest heavily in getting past your spam firewalls. So the effectiveness of AI/ML solutions is heavily tested, highlighting the success of Enveloperty’s structure. Both Enveloperty members registered for RSA with unique addresses created on the spot. These addresses are fully functioning, valid and unlimited. Conversely, most registrants registered using their real work email. Relying on filters of various effectiveness and strictness to determine for them what email they should see. In essence, what they see and don’t see if largely not in their control. Which is fine for a large portion of people. A large portion of people are in positions where coasting through is ok. If they must spend some time sorting email, ok. If they miss some important emails because a filter got them, ok. But then there are people where that isn’t ok. There are people where time spent distracted on unimportant email has consequences. There are people where missing an important email is catastrophic, either in real terms or lost opportunity.

Enveloperty is for those people who value their email experience. For those people, we offer explicit control. A way to contain and funnel the often chaotic nature of email, into a organized, permission based, zero trust experience. Inside the first day of using Enveloperty, our goal is for the user to experience a great feeling of relief. Relief we felt as we saw the folder for RSA fill up without bothering us. As vital email we explicitly asked for came through immediately on different addresses. To the best of our knowledge no phishing has been set to the addresses we registered with RSA. However, frequently when valuable addresses like businessmen are released en masse like with a conference. It is only a matter of time before they go up on accessible sources like contact resellers. Certainly, an address once given is never relinquished, doomed to reside in a CRM forever. From those crm’s on to mailing lists and contact sellers. Leading to an endless cycle of unwanted email.