Good Things To Those That Earn Them

People who blend in don’t get rewarded. It is the people who stand out, who take risks that get the rewards. But this can be difficult. Companies in equilibrium don’t like change. Yet change is how they progress. Staying still is how they get passed. So it is left to the enterprising individual, the linchpins, to move the company forward.

Think of all of the people who are frustrated with email at your company. Imagine how grateful they would be to you for improving it. Think of the executive vision it would show your bosses and their bosses if you introduced a solution. A complex problem they have been too timid to address, magically taken care of. All they have to do is listen to the brief, sign, and everything is magically taken care of.

Bold moves is how promotions, raises and bonuses happen! By implementing Enveloperty you would be showing several executive qualities. Phishing security is a very relevant modern topic. Showing you are in touch with current events, a visionary. Email compromise effects several departments. To show concern not just for your own department, but to help out your colleagues is the kind of foresight that gets everyone to like you.