What If It Was Your Hero?

Imagine you are at a festival, party, networking event, conference and you see someone you highly admire is there. You go up and talk to them about whatever you share in common. Then you ask if you can have an address to stay in touch with them.

They’re like, “oh sure no problem” and give you a business card then walk away. For the fellow guerrilla’s out there you know what just happened. 99% chance they just blew you off politely cause they are nice. If not a bogus email on the card, you will easily be denied by their spam filters.

But now imagine if you asked for an email address from them, and they wrote out a personalized address just for you. It had your name and company in it with some numbers. They told you this email address is unique for you and if you send email to it, it’ll go straight to them. Imagine how absolutely over the moon you would be. You’re not being blown off at all, they really care! Take a moment to hold onto how you’d be feeling at that moment.

That is the feeling your clients could have. The way you would feel in that moment, they could feel when you give them a bespoke address. So much of sales is soft skills, getting them to like you as a person. Nailing that first impression, making them trust and like you. What better way to differentiate yourself than a bespoke address? While everyone else is giving your new client generic addresses, you take the time to show them how much you care. Remember how delighted you would be if your hero gave you a bespoke address. Do that for your clients.