Security Discipline In A Quick & Complex World

The most frequent trade off of having good security is ease of use. This is a leading problem due to our modern work environment being distinctly fast passed and complex. Introducing voluntary disruptions like security policies, are a hard sell. But are necessary to aid your human firewall.

Thus, it is crucial for modern security practices to be unobtrusive while still performing their duty. Potentially no section performs worse at this than phishing security. Detecting phishing is all about nuance. Legitimate attackers run their phishing through every automated check conceivable to make sure it does not get hung up in filters.

The only way to detect these advanced threats is organic intelligence. A human firewall using insight to reason about the plausibility of the email. This is a good thing. The unpredictability of people upsets attackers. When empowered with specific intelligence about the email, users catch perfect phishing attempts.

Time To Cheat

While awareness training suggests annoying procedures to check an email manually. Or worse yet, just punting it over to an overworked IT dept. Enveloperty is a one click phishing check inside users email client. It’s like checking an emails ID card. Does the information on the card match what they are telling me? Why is someone from the front desk asking for access to our top secret lab? Leveling up your human firewall dramatically!

This context is like cheating. Enabling users to pick out perfect phishing attempts while not interrupting their email flow. Disposing of bad senders with ease because they are isolated to a unique address.

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