The 7 Dimensions Of Executive Email

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Executive email is a email system with a certain spectacular degree of specific granularity for both inbound and outbound email. It’s like the difference between a car and a supercar. They both move you from point a to point b. But one does that a great deal faster, with a great deal more style.

Executives use email extensively, however tertiary searches only pull up content on how to email executives and techniques executives use to manage their email. This is nothing short of a travesty. Aside from a handful of plug ins and ad hoc systems, there is no explicit email system for executives, the most influential people in the world. There is tremendous value in aiding executives. One hour of most peoples time is valued at tops $50. A one hour speaking engagement from an executive quickly achieves 5+ figures. Assuming their value of time is linear, similar value is applied for saving them an hour of time on email. Whether that is them personally, or aiding their staff in helping their boss nail an engagement.

The difference between standard email and executive email is like the difference between an airliner and the Concorde. If you just want to go from point A to point B, cram into an airliner. If you’re an executive who needs to bust mach 2 to get to where you’re going on time, Concorde is the only option. Just as Enveloperty is the only option for executive email superusers.

The following are variables of executive email. A variable is a attribute that each individual user may want to adjust to their own requirements. These variables also compose a majority of the strong feature base of an executive email system. Building in variability in characteristics like these are important to conform to executive usage.

  • Record of Account
    • How long should records be held and under what circumstances
  • Flexibility of Organization
    • Fitting any organization style for any level of visibility
  • Granularity of Receiving
    • Should everyone or no one be able to even send to a address
  • Confidentiality
    • What records can/should be available to who under what conditions
  • Accessibility
    • By the user, or by an organization, or by support staff
  • Style
    • high concept or high functionality
  • Status Symbol Visibility
    • Open to all or open to a elite few
    • Broadcasted as a symbol to all, to a few, or to no one

Record of Account

Communication is key to all facets of business. Since email is a prime communication method, records of events can be found within. These records can be used to backtrack decisions in something as simple as following a conversation. Or as serious as providing evidence in a criminal proceeding. Where records of emails would provide evidence.

Enveloperty allows the user to decide how to maintain a record of account, or not. Policies of account will be set by the organization governing the user, whether that is the user them self or a organization employing the user. Examples of different policies could be backups of emails to a cloud location or a auto erase of emails after a certain time. In pursuant with Enveloperty’s mission to provide executive level service, records will maintain the highest confidentiality with sharing only by explicit authorization.

Flexibility of Organization

Inbound email for executives is a flood of information. This flood is overwhelming and not useful for any amount of time unless managed and organized. Different people have different priorities which require different organization. This is why Enveloperty has a flexible organization system that you manipulate to conform to your needs. The primary organization mechanisms of Enveloperty are folders which function by personas.


Each user has three priority folders by default. Triage is where all emails go by default. Then critical email is sent to inbox, and spam goes to quarantine. Custom folders can be set to notify when new email comes in. This essentially makes them priority folders.

Common Theme

Custom folders can be created for any purpose. A common purpose is to group email together with a common theme so the default priority folders are kept efficient. For example, folders are frequently created for social media, engineering alerts and newsletters respectively. These high volumes of email are stored in their own folders a click away.

Granularity of Receiving

The powerful organization of Enveloperty allows inbound email to be sorted efficiently. However, if there is email that isn’t wanted, it can be rejected at the top level. This maintains efficiency of the system not only under normal conditions but under attack conditions. A denial of service attack is when a attacker sends so much traffic to a system that real traffic is unable to be processed. Enveloperty is efficient at defending from unwanted email attack partly because of its ability to drop email, but also its ability prevent enumeration and information gathering.


Many executives not only want privacy, but require it. They have access to business plans, intellectual property, market information and business data. Much of this is communicated through email. So not only is protecting email to protect personal data, it is to protect tangible valuables of the organization.


Going hand in hand with confidentiality is accessibility. Accessibility is in essence, how can a users data be accessed, and how can their system be used? Enveloperty accommodates the varying desires for access by having implementations that range from a personal instance hosted for example, in ones house requiring cryptographic keys for access to the system. All the way to only having Enveloperty being a tool in a existing toolchain on the back of established systems.


People have different tastes in style, and Enveloperty accommodates said differences. Not just by having interchangeable color schemes, but by entirely revamping how the user interface feels in terms of functionality and style. Where modules are influence workflows and the exposure of messages to the user. The interface also sets a mood for the user, cooler colors set the user at ease, while brighter colors energize users, effecting the click rate.

Status Symbol Visibility

Status can be anything, cheap, expensive, critical or superfluous. As such, different individuals may wish to have these trademark symbols of status flaunted, secret, or known to only those who know. This is a special concern to high profile individuals such as executives who are judged in all dimensions. Where deductions about an executive could come from what email service they use.

Delivering For Those That Deal

Enveloperty is the email solution for email superusers like executives. Executives have zero room for error. As Steve Jobs describes, “when the employee becomes a vice president, he or she must vacate all excuses for failure. A vice president is responsible for any mistakes that happen, and it doesn’t matter what you say.” Janitors are allowed to have excuses, executives are not. Enveloperty is here to empower executives to deal by delivering a infrastructure service that over powers all other systems. With unparalleled control over inbound email, executives become the master of their inbox.