Taming The Wild West Of Email With Enveloperty

by | Sep 2, 2020 | Behavioral InfoSec, Email Address Manager, Email Tradecraft, Executive Email Security

Putting Down Bullies

As standards are raised, certain tactics and innovations irrevocably keep that standard. One such innovation was the revolver. Being able to sequentially fire bullets simply and reliably forever changed combat. Most importantly it allowed for a high degree of personal protection for civilians. This gave rise to the Colt winning the west. Indian braves who spent there lives training for combat could be taken out by a grandma with a revolver. Forever redistributing the balance of power.

How Could Email Ever Be The Same?

In a similar manner as the revolver revolutionized combat, so to does Enveloperty revolutionize email. In a similar way, Enveloperty democratizes protection, making common employees effective at protecting themselves from phishing. This reduces the need and cost of expensive staff and services. Also minimizing the opportunity for phishers to shoot through a gap. Previously, they could pull the cap over their victim and as long as an expert didn’t get involved, they were good to go. But an employee empowered with Enveloperty is just an effective as an expert, closing the loophole.

Phishing is the most dangerous threat over email but there are plenty of lesser annoyances that should be cleaned up. Enveloperty makes users highly resistant to cold emailing of any kind. Frustrating spam and phishing alike. As well as making email highly organizable. Many employees suffer from being interrupted by unnecessary email. It needs to be an option to receive email other than from key colleagues. Enveloperty provides a framework which this strict organization is easy.