Taming Email Requires Democratization, Not Specialization

by | Sep 7, 2020 | Behavioral InfoSec, Bespoke Email, Email Address Manager, Email Tradecraft, Executive Email Security

Self-Sufficiency Must Match Inconsistency

The natural course of progress has been to specialize. One person does one thing really well and does it for all the others who have their own specializations. The difficulty is this makes the system fragile. Failure of one leads to the failure of all. So specialization really only works when there is consistency that borders commodity. There needs to be a matching degree of self-sufficiency to inconsistency. The further from one right answer there is, it is only responsible to be more informed on the process.

Inconsistency Thy Name Is Email Security

What is there more unpredictable that security. The whole point of the industry is someone is trying to break what you have in unique and innovative ways. Which is why there is the rising need to have an expert on each executive team. Email security is the most evolving threat currently. Hackers have found it is easier to just ask for credentials than to hack them. This dramatic increase in phishing has the industry scrambling for solutions. Until a specific solution is agreed on, organizations need to retain a great amount of self-sufficiency in their email security.

Empowering Employees Through Enveloperty

Enveloperty is an email add-in that enables users to easily detect and handle phishing on their own. Instead of referring email to IT or relying on sophisticated filters, every common employee can handle phishing on their own. Reducing the moving parts and freeing up budget is an excellent opportunity for organizations, alongside the necessary protection from nefarious email use.