Sustainable Organic Intelligence

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Organic just looks so much better

The Organic Revolution Come To Email

Consumer culture in America has changed remarkably in the past couple decades. The pendulum that was once firmly set in big brand, profit driven, artificial products, has swung to sustainable, value driven, organic products. The apex has almost been reached, signaled by the Whole Foods acquisition. This is because for a certain class of citizen, the sustainable, healthy and organic offerings of Whole Foods have become the majority grocery market share. Whether or not this organic revolution is a good thing is a matter of debatable perspective. However, in general, a net gain in the health of consumers who adhere to that general lifestyle has been observed. Not only has the health of the consumer been increased, but damages caused by consumption have come into discussion due to the values of consumers and companies.

It is this net gain of holistic betterment to the consumer directly, and the abstract increased wellness of the ecosystem that Enveloperty aims to bring to email. Some concepts Enveloperty wishes to bring to email are those of organics over artificial, sustainability, company values and ethical sourcing.

This organic intelligence revolution will be a adventure for the entire Enveloperty staff and user family. A foray into the unexplored as together we work towards a better future. A journey becomes an adventure when unexpected adversity comes. But the drive we feel to fulfill our duty will see us through adversity. The duty we have is that of ability. All that is required for a better world is for those that can, to act. Our desire is to set an example, encouraging other startups to pursue similar objectives.

What This Means For You The User Family

Our user family is everything to us! Enveloperty is all about making things better. We believe making things better doesn’t end at the product, it starts there. Organics companies have demonstrated that everything matters. Everything from sourcing, to manufacturing, to sales and distribution can be done in a better way, increasing the wellness in the community. This approach to business of holistic wellness has payed of not only monetarily, but culturally. Only recently has there been sufficient safety, connection and surplus to generate a society who cares about the broader welfare of those in lesser situations. Only since the start of the 21st century has the most powerful nation in history been free from the fear of invasion. Similarly education, standard of living and technology has never been broadly better in history. Record breaking support in voices and dollars is being given to everything from ethical sourcing, to fair compensation, all the way to century focused long term sustainability. The result, a general net gain for us all. Which is why Enveloperty is investing in the following.

Sustainable Business Practices

Most people are familiar with the term ‘afterburner’. They know it is a jet engine thing that makes planes go faster. But few know the cost of afterburners. Which is a perfect parallel for strategies practiced by a frighteningly increasing number of businesses. A jet engine essentially works by forcing air out the back. This force pushes the engine and anything attached, you know like an airplane with you inside, forward. This force is produced by sucking in air, compressing it, ‘exploding’ it, and forcing it out. An afterburner works by ‘exploding’ the air again as it leaves the engine increasing the thrust, increasing the speed of the plane. Afterburners are wildly inefficient and harmful which is why they are only on military planes, for use when required. Afterburners literally dump fuel into the engine, costing not cheap jet fuel and releasing enormous amounts of harmful byproducts. Nothing to the pilot, but expensive to the environment and the tax payers.

Think of technology as a jet engine. For awhile it was sufficient to work on the engine itself to increase performance. Diligent, responsible companies could lite the afterburner of capital investment to take off until a sustainable business model was found. But then one day a company lit an afterburner, and left it on. As they went rocketing high into success, more and and more organizations said, “if they can do it, why not us.” Fueled by cheap capital and stories of records broke, afterburners were left on as a matter of practice. This was done regardless of the effects because the pilots and controllers didn’t experience the downsides.

An example of laying on the afterburner you have experienced is Lyft and Uber. Rideshare is, or was, notorious because they lost money on each ride. They are the leviathans they are today because they were able to exchange cheap capital in return for market share, ie their business model was to lay on the afterburner. Which is great for the several pilots who become millionaires, but is a catastrophe for those that will suffer due to the repercussions of cheap capital, predatory staffing, and market immolation.

Enveloperty is committed to sustainable business practices. How will we know what is sustainable? We will know because we can keep doing what we are doing without dip, ducking and dodging avoiding justifiably angry people.

Ethical Business Model

What is Google? They are the face of the internet. They are the creators of the most widespread phone OS. They are the pioneers creating breaking news as they attempt moonshot after moonshot. Google is a company that sells you. Google sells you and your attention for more than 100 billion dollars. Their product is not Google Search, YouTube, Android, Gmail, Glasses or Cars. Their product is you, a fact that surprises many.

Enveloperty’s product is Enveloperty email, period. You the customer pay us a fixed amount for email service, updates and support, done. You the customer will never be sold as a derivative. There is nothing intrinsically wrong about derivatives so long as there is informed consent. Think of how many people actually read the license agreements for software… exactly our point. If people don’t read the text, imagine how few people can truly grasp the complex ramifications of their decision. This is why Enveloperty strives not for transparency, but disclosure. It is important to the wellness of the community that they are not just given a sticky note notice, but that we take the time to educate them about the subject.

An Organic Product Organically Developed

Late night infomercial spam people, enough said. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with products advertised through highly promotionalized infomercials. There is however a distinct lack of correlation between them and high quality, highly necessary products. Enveloperty was not dreamed up because it would be a cash grab. In fact, being an email service provider startup continues to dazzle as breathtaking obstacles continue to materialize. Enveloperty was born not just out of necessity, but from outright outrage at data proliferation and the quantity of attention grabbing spam. Originally a Thunderbird account with several hundred accounts hacked in, to the realization that only a complete custom build would suffice. As Enveloperty’s feature growth and future growth comes from, and will continue to come from real users accomplishing real jobs. For example, inbox zero is a popular practice in email superusers. So we streamlined a way to empower inbox zero practitioners.

Furthermore, Enveloperty email is developed organically. It is developed by people who use the product daily. The bugs in the queue are bugs that hamper the developers just as the customers. A bug for our customers is a bug for us. Our development methodology is to do this thing right from security and consistency, to flow and style. Naturally these goals aren’t achievable immediately. Through dedication, skill and understanding, development will march closer and closer to success.

Ethical Compensation & Staffing

So much of modern resources is “what can we do?” How can we pay less, how can we acquire more talent, how can we get more working hours? Enveloperty strives to ask the question, “how should we?”