Stop Letting Senders Beat Up Your Email Mailbox

If you saw someone breaking your car or house with a bat, you’d intervene right? Sooooo why do you let senders do that to your email mailbox every day? The effects, from clutter to phishing are harmful to you. You have important work to do and limited patience. Every frustration due to senders mistreating your mailbox is time that could be better spent.

The reason the mailbox abuse can exist is users do not have effective tools. The balance of power is solidly with the sender. Senders are free to volley crap email at users with only chaotic filters in the way. Enveloperty changes this by providing an architecture focused on identity. Because that is the fundamentally unsolved problem. Identifying and restricting access to only the trusted senders.

Papers Please

Think of how identity problems are solved in the physical world. Look in your wallet, how many forms of identification are in there? Drivers license, gym memberships, credit cards, security badge, passport. Because we have already figured out the biggest part of security is not searching each and every person, it is limiting access to only trusted people.

This is the kind of system Enveloperty parallels. Enveloperty automatically creates unique addresses for every contact, pairing them with the address the sender used. This key value pair creates a two factor authentication mechanism. In order for a sender to be verified, they must know the right unique address to send to, and to it from the right address in their possession. This dramatically frustrates phishers and spammers, because it makes it trivial to spot them. The user can then be done with them forever by disposing of the unique address if they wish.