Spam Use Case

Emailing You Is A Privilege, Not A Right

Spam is any content that is not wanted by the user. In the past, email users have been at the mercy of senders. Once a users single address was leaked, they would receive spam from any and all sources with no recourse other than a costly abandonment of the address. Filters kept up with spam for awhile, keeping it out of sight. But the sophistication and volume of modern spam is overwhelming filters. To respond, filters become overly strict, filtering out valid email, costing users & senders alike.


Dynamic Addresses Utility

Dynamic addresses actually fixes the problem of spam by applying structure to the free form domain. With dynamic addresses users are able to entirely discard compromised addresses, and recreate them with ease. Fundamentally denying spammers ability to reach the user. This method not only denies spammers, but ushers in respectful senders. So users receive valued content immediately with no risk of being caught in a filter.

Make Management Manageable

What makes dynamic addresses truly powerful is the folder system. The user will create folders based on common themes, priority or something else entirely. Unique tunnels will be channeled to a folder for organization. The folders can be imbued with certain permissions. A common permission is to interrupt you in the form of a notification.

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Click With Confidence

This granular and absolute method of email management is actually a positive for senders. With the obfuscation between good and bad email in the current filter paradigm, valued senders have to fight through filters just as the bad do. With Enveloperty’s granular control, valued senders have a direct path to their readers. The less senders have to spend money on deliverability, the more they can spend on creating content. The barrier to entry for technically inept yet creatively gifted creators will lower drastically.




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