Pulling Specific Senders Out of Imported Systems

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Tutorials

All Email In One Place

Pulling out certain senders by their addresses

Any email system that supports POP3 or IMAP protocols can be imported into the Enveloperty client. However, once this is done, you receive one big pile of email because the other systems don’t support dynamic email addresses. But never fear, Enveloperty has a solution!

Create a persona using the email address from the other system. Then create personas for each contact you want to pull out of the heap of email. Use the senders address under the sender address field when creating the persona. When email comes into your imported email persona, Enveloperty will pull email that is from the defined email address.

So for example, lets say I import my Gmail account and I want to pull email from Steam out of the big heap of imported email. On my new Steam persona I would specify steam-no-reply@nvidia.com, and specify my gaming folder as the destination. Any email that comes from Gmail, that is imported into Enveloperty, would be placed into my gaming folder. Not only would I have all of the accouterments of personas and folders, I would be able to send through gmail to that sender.

P.S Be aware that when you import email, the login attempt will come from wherever your Enveloperty server is from i.e California. You will most likely have the first login blocked, clear it with the system and the import will start.