Patent Pending Technology

Enveloperty's core benefits stem from its architecture. This architecture works by every entity being given a unique address to email the user at. From there the dynamic addresses are organized creating a guaranteed pathway system.



Email You Want When You Want It

We built the user interface to focus on conforming to your schedule. So that email is truly aiding you throughout your day, not controlling you. Dynamic addresses are assigned to not only priority folders, but user defined custom folders. So email is where you want, for when you want it one click away.

Sign Up For All The Things Safely

Phishing is a complex and sophisticated threat. Defense is a persistent and potentially critical need fulfilled by infosec teams and companies. But an architecture that simplifies phishing and spam denial does not require such overhead.


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Always Know What Came From Who

Attribution is a critical ability from trivial matters like keeping track of conversation threads, all the way to serious matters like forensics and accountability in a organization.

Nothing But Net Every Time

Enveloperty has no algorithmic filters. The user is the only filter. Which means important email is not only not dropped arbitrarily, but is delivered immediately through the system.