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Patent Pending Technology

Enveloperty is an implementation of core patent pending technology. In short the patent leverages what the computer and the user are best at. It has the computer do precision comparison operations like are these utf characters the same? And the user does contextual reasoning operations like does it make sense that Citi bank is emailing me from the address I gave US bank?

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No Staff Needed Anti Phishing

Enveloperty breaks all of your contacts into 1:1 tunnels. Instead of one email address being given to everyone, everyone receives their own unique address to contact you at. Turning the email address into a authentication and access token.

For each channel usually only one email address is trusted. If a sender other than the trusted sender sends email to that channel. The email is illuminated warning the user. This is particularly effective when lookalike characters are used to dupe users into thinking one address is another.


Precision Rules of Engagement & Exclusion Zone

Not all tunnels users set up will bear the same importance. Some tunnels are meant for more sensitive email than others. As such the procedure for unauthorized email on a channel reflect those differences. Unauthorized email on a channel meant for retail spam may be ignored entirely. But the slightest whiff of unauthorized email on a channel for your chief financial officer would be treated much more harshly!


Simple Organization & Permissions

Not only does Enveloperty enable the user to identify and avoid things like spam. Enveloperty enables users to easily bring bacon to their attention quickly. Unique email addresses are organized into folders based on priority or context.

Folders with email of importance can be set to notify the user when new email comes in. Meanwhile folders not so important remain a click away without disturbing the user.




Attribution is a critical ability from trivial matters like keeping track of conversation threads, all the way to serious matters like forensics and accountability in a organization.

The email address in Enveloperty is a private security token. Getting content using that security token coming from someone you didn’t give the token to indicates compromise. You immediately know the source of the compromise because only one entity was given the token.


Nothing But Net Delivery

Enveloperty has no algorithmic filters. The user is the only filter. Which means important email is not dropped arbitrarily and is delivered immediately through the system.

There is no telling what important email is eaten by an AI spam filter. Which could cause sizable losses.

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