Phishing Use Case

Not Can You, Should You Click?

Phishing For Access

Just because an email passes a malware scan, doesn’t mean it is safe, doesn’t mean a user should view the email. The philosophy of Enveloperty is that instead of throwing out bad emails, only specifically desired email should be viewed at all. This whitelisting principle dramatically lowers users attack surface. The question Enveloperty provides context to answer is, “SHOULD I click on this email?”

This paradigm shifts utility is not just in directly lowered email compromise rates. Most full stack compromises start with phishing for access. Attackers attempt to get credentials or trust so they can move further into the network. KnowBe4 cites 91% of succesful data breaches start with spear phishing! Imagine if 91% of attacks were stopped at the first line of defense, your inbox?


Dynamic Addresses 2FA

Two factor authentication is generally requiring something you know, and something you have to authenticate. Usually this is a password and a phone. In Enveloperty, this is knowing the correct address to send to, and possessing the correct DMARC passing email address to send from.


Only certain contacts have the privilege to talk about certain subjects. Only HR should be talking asking about your insurance. Only team members should be asking you about proprietary technology. Labeled privileges combined with trusted senders dramatically increases the difficulty of phishing attacks.

deterrence illumination

Organic Sender Verification

Enveloperty provides profiling data so the user can verify if a sender truly should be sending them email. Simple data like, “have I gotten email from them before”, “does this email pass DMARC”, “how confident am I that they are who they say they are” aids users in determining if they should engage with an email. The highly visible & constant location of this data encourages the user to constantly be aware. The result is that an attack can pass every technical challenge, and still be caught because their behavior alerts the user.

A New Element

Attackers and defenders have been focused on technical tactics for phishing. Adding a behavioral element to defense forces attackers to adapt new strategies which takes time and effort. Giving defenders a buffer where they have the advantage. The evasive tech seen in modern phish kits is evidence enough that attackers are nearly caught up to defenders.

advanced stepLevel

More Valuable -> More Effort

Not all contacts are evenly valuable. Some contacts like managers, accounting, HR, IT are more valuable than others. Being more valuable means a compromise would be more damaging, which means more effort should be invested in their security. Conversely some throw away sweepstakes contact isn’t that valuable and shouldn’t take that much effort. Enveloperty lets the user choose whether to escalate the security of a persona. At its most basic creating a persona only requires a name, address & folder, 5 seconds max. At its most sophisticated, a persona can require minutes to think through. It’s up to the user when to use which.

Complimentary Technology

There are several popular phishing solutions in circulation. Enveloperty is not a competitor to them, but an ally. AI solutions are exceptional at defending against attacks they have seen before. Enveloperty is exceptional at defending against attacks never seen before.





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