Phishing: Expedited Loan Application

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Case Study

Mr. Belson,

I am reaching out to you in regards to the CARES act small business relief act and Paycheck Protection Program. TD Bank is acting in cooperation with the Small Business Association.

In these times it is our duty to do what we can for your financial security. As such, we are offering to file an expedited application on behalf of your business. The application would bear the accreditation of TD Bank. As such your application is virtually guaranteed to be approved by the Small Business Association for the maximum amount.

In an effort to do our part, TD Bank will grant a one time of payment of $2,000 to companies who apply through our expedited process. If you would like me to proceed in your application, all I need is a scan of your 2019 tax return and a bank account number to wire the $2,000.

Thomas Crowne

This is part of a series of invented phishing designed to educate the community. Generating awareness on potential avenues phishers could take, so defenders can proactively be sure their solutions defend from such attacks. Complaints/Jokes/Rants/Snide Remarks/can be directed to