Phishing Comes To Zoom

by | Apr 25, 2020 | Case Study

Hyper Relevant Phishing Again

As we stated in a previous article, the covid crisis is teaching phishers to keep their attacks hyper relevant. As a result phishing has increased nearly 600%. The attackers are getting, while the getting is good. But unfortunately this won’t end with covid. The incentives will remain and the lessons ingrained in their practices. The effectiveness of the recent Zoom phishing as evidence.

This presents a difficult problem. Filters have difficulty adapting to changes. They are incredible at catching the same phishing a million times. They don’t do as well catching a unique phishing attempt. This is where Enveloperty comes in. Enveloperty backs up filter systems. Enveloperty’s architecture works equally well for a never seen before attack, vs an attack as old as time. This compliments filter systems quite nicely. Attacks that are effective against filters, are not effective against Enveloperty. Attacks that are effective against Enveloperty, aren’t effective vs filters. When combined, the dual solution present a very difficult obstacle for attackers.