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Safe, Simple & Manageable Email

New & Necessary Structure For Email

In traditional email, the senders had the power. In Enveloperty’s architecture, the users definitively have the power.


90%+ of digital attacks start with attacking email. Whether that is trying to scam credentials, or implant malware. Enveloperty’s architecture presents a unique challenege for hackers that catches what filters don’t


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! The more complicated something is, the more things can go wrong. Enveloperty is designed as a fail safe that can backup riskier filter based solutions.


People of any kind of importance are assaulted by email everyday. Enveloperty authoritatively sorts email into contextual folders. You only ever see the email you want to see, when you want to see it. The rest is waiting in easy to search folders if you should ever need it.

Startup School

Enveloperty graduated from the 2018 & 2019 Y Combinator Startup School sessions


Enveloperty is part of the 2018 DigitalOcean Hatch program


Enveloperty is part of the 2018 SendGrid Accelerate program

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How Much Email Debt Do You Have?

Caught In A Wave... Threatening To Pull You Under Email is tricky because it revolves around social graces. You are not interacting with a machine. You are interacting with a emotional human. Turns out saying "it's just business" helps about as much as saying it's not...

Why We Don’t have Data

Why We Don’t have Data

Humiliating a company obsessed with not being humiliated Companies lie, protect and hide information about breaches with every fiber in their being. It's just not something we have access to. That doesn't mean we are wrong Hitchen's razor is "What can be asserted...

Inbox Zero Email Security

Inbox Zero Email Security

Complexity Is The Hackers Friend One of the most powerful ways to upset hackers, is to keep things simple. Rob Joyce the former head of NSA's Tailored Access Operations has a very powerful saying. Attributing the NSA's hacking prowess to the fact that they put the...

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