Two Factor Structure +
Behavioral Verification =
Users Recognizing & Handling Phishing
Enveloperty's thesis is that deceptive email like phishing is a human problem and therefore fundamentally only solvable by humans. Due to complications of human communication like semantics, an organic component will always need to exist, empowered by technology..
Enveloperty is a MSP & MSSP vendor partner, mainly providing for management and executive personnel. Implemented through an email security add-on for Outlook and Gmail. Enveloperty works on a whitelisting principle. Instead of allowing all email in and filtering out the bad stuff, Enveloperty works by not allowing any email except what the user explicitly asks for.
This is accomplished by the user giving out unique & private email addresses to their contacts. Each address is associated with a specific contact. Organization such as folder placement and notifications are handled by the unique address/contact pairing called a persona. Because of the risk factor context and definitive control provided by personas, users deftly deflect spam and counter phishing. Allowing each user to stay focused and reducing security risk and workload.

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Enveloperty graduated from the 2018 & 2019 Y Combinator Startup School sessions


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Case Study: Upgrade Hoax

By thomas | February 11, 2020

One of our users caught a plaintext phishing attempt i.e. not a big HTML sophisticated logo complete ripoff. This is a quick analysis of that attempt. This attempt is interesting Read more…

Hey Proofpoint… How you doin?

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Email Tradecraft: Not can you, but should you?

By thomas | October 25, 2019

Change It Up Most security and policy is focused on definite, measurable indicators. Which is why cryptography is so popular, and artificial intelligence is growing. It is deterministic, you can Read more…

Cooperation Not Necessary

By thomas | September 30, 2019

Most email rules and filters operate based on the other person’s email address. A token, the email address that the other person controls, not you. This allows for bad actors Read more…

An Enveloperty dynamic address is like a hotel key

By thomas | September 11, 2019

Why do hotels let you keep your plastic key card? If this access token can get you in the building and into a room, why don’t they demand it back? Read more…

What’s wrong with email? A distinct lack of respect

By thomas | September 11, 2019

If you are an exception to the following remarks then you know who you are. As for those guilty, you also know who you are. Respect is never a waste. Read more…