They Do Aliases, We Do Bonified Addresses

Disposable addresses and email aliases is not what we do. Disposable addresses are generally forwarded to you through a service. Or are designed for one time use. This creates immense liability with the forwarding service as they are possessing all of your email. Enveloperty works entirely through your client. At no time does Enveloperty have access to your email.

Aliases are popular amongst larger clients like Gmail, Yahoo and now Apple. But all aliases are, is a modifier on your real address. It can be used as a code word to verify email. But aliases leak your true address. So you are just as vulnerable to spam and phishing as always.

The Patented Difference

Enveloperty is able to do what it does, and others aren’t because the technology is patented. In order to purely run unique addresses, there are conversion mechanisms required. There are other services in existence that approach Enveloperty’s utility. But they can not approach the power that comes with Enveloperty’s infrastructure architecture.

This distinction is what we endeavor to make the difference to get away from traditional email addressing. The power of this infrastructure approach combined with the ease of use and understanding predicated by password managers. It is one thing to create a technology. It is quite another to get widespread use. For years people have talked about reinvigorating email. This is how it is done. The opportunity that comes from unique addresses is truly incomprehensible.

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