This New Tech Can Keep You From Being Collateral Damage

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Behavioral InfoSec, Email Market, Email Tradecraft, Enveloperty, Executive Email Security | 0 comments

Cyber Is The New Poison Of Geopolitics

Poison was the silent adjustment of geopolitics. Have a problem with a guy? Poison him, and deal with his successor. Nowadays, you have a problem of cyber attacks and espionage. Adjusting the geopolitical scale in the favor of the strong. Anything that involves computers can be manipulated from the other side of the Earth.

Stuxnet was a worm deployed by the US & Israel to damage an Iranian nuclear enrichment plant. It is often considered the first example of cyberwarfare. The malware spun up the Iranian centrifuges to a speed in which they destroyed themselves.

Recently there was a huge explosion in Iran. Iranian authorities have claimed it is a civilian matter relating to a gas pipe… cause no one has used that excuse before. Western powers believe it was related to a secret missile factory. It is no secret that the west has suppressed Iranian weapon research and production for decades. Here is the kicker… how do we know that the explosion wasn’t the result of a western cyberattack? The nature of cyber is it is notoriously difficult for forensics and attribution. How can we ever be sure that events are not influenced by operations of governments?

Cyber Collateral Is Everyone

Just because you aren’t important enough to be attacked, doesn’t mean you aren’t insecure enough to be collateral damage. Someone going through you in an attempt to get someone else. This is why doctrines of proactive investment need to be made standard. Putting measures in place before you have explicit evidence you need them. The way infosec works is by the time you have evidence, you’re already in deep trouble. Organizations need to dig their well before they are thirsty.

One way Enveloperty suggests doing this is by securing your email addresses. Addresses are used for login to a variety of sites. As such your address is stored by a variety of companies. If there is a breach, not only are your login credentials compromised, but the hackers will also start phishing you. Phishing which often leads to a whole new batch of issues.

Enveloperty solves this problem by making it easy to have infinite unique email addresses to distribute, like a password manager. Password managers make it easy to have infinite unique passwords. Enveloperty does the same for email addresses, in a very similar manner. It is this kind of proactive investment that keeps companies out of the collateral damage list.

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