“Boiler Rooms” Making You One Of A Million

Companies exist to support sales. Sales are the people who move the money from other peoples pockets to theirs. Product, marketing, engineering, human resources all exists to support that action. Without the act of sales you don’t have a company. The pressure therefore placed on salespeople is immense. Not only is the pressure of the business on them, but they have to deal with people all day. Irrational, unpredictable, judgmental, nuanced people, which they must convince to invest their time in money.

The pressure of sales has created a ingrained bias against salespeople. When pressure is applied it is easiest to thrash and force your way through. Literature about high pressure sales environments like wall street is everywhere. Where desperate people are given stacks of names and numbers to call. Where they berate, bully and annoy people into handing over money. These “boiler rooms” as they are sometimes referred to earned salespeople their bad reputation. Enforcing the stereotype that you as a prospect are just one of a million names on their list. They don’t care about you and you can’t trust them.

Enveloperty Making You One In A Million

Good salespeople reverse this paradigm. They entertain a few clients who are great fits. They expand not by smash and grabbing victims, but by investing in their clients until they are so delighted they spread the good word. These salespeople are masters of making people feel like they are one of million, and making them feel like they are on in a million. That they are special and the salesperson has a vested interest in their well being and success.

Enveloperty’s unique addresses are vital in establishing this relationship with people. How much can you care about someone as an individual, if you shunt them into the same box with everyone else’s email? Enveloperty makes it easy to generate and use infinite unique and personalized email addresses for every one of your contacts. These combination of unique and personal characteristics has a word, bespoke. Just like the elite of our culture wear bespoke clothes and cars, so too do they have bespoke addresses. A way to signal to their contact how valuable they are. If receive a clearly generic address, they don’t like you. But if you receive a personalized address, you know where your relationship stands. Personalization means taking it seriously. An attribute you want to signal to your contact.