Like A Bad Burrito: It’s The Backend You Gotta Watch

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Behavioral InfoSec, Email Market, Email Tradecraft, Executive Email Security | 0 comments

Wait 5 Minutes

What happens when a crisis rolls around? There is an enormous flux in action. Suddenly, a million people who couldn’t be bothered, clamor for intervention. In this moment, the balanced tug of war between the people and government, collapses in the favor of government. As people fearing for their safety call to the government for aid.

This is the situation that birthed Enveloperty’s initial existence. Enveloperty was created originally as an email system you could host from your inside your house. Cutting your traffic out from the reach of Google and Outlook. Enhancing your rights over your data, as it is inside the bounds of your personal property.

If there was a single justification for why said technology is necessary, it is the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act gave the government ability to spy domestically. Aside from giving the NSA the budget necessary to set up such a spy infrastructure, it gave organizations the legal cover to utilize said network.

This was done through the three hops policy. Imagine everyone you have been in contact with. That’s the first hop. Now imagine everyone they have been in contact with. That’s the second hop. Now imagine everyone they have been in contact, hop three. As Snowden stated many times in his rhetoric, with three hops, you can connect almost everyone! That connection, gives the government justification for spying. A phage I fear will enhance greatly with coronavirus & George Floyd riots.

What is Covid & Floyd if not precedence for more laws?

What is important to remember when viewing the aftermath, is that clandestine agencies have learned to be quite. To keep their skulduggery in the dark. So just because there isn’t a “Track Everyone Always” bill in the house public docket. Do not mistake that for said powers not being discussed for approval. The FISA courts have been one of the greatest inventions of the modern era. A mechanism for government agencies to circumvent checks and balances.

The holy grail of intelligence is having the exact position of every person including contextual metadata. Knowing where they are, what they are doing, what they are thinking, and who they have been in contact with. This is soon to be possible. They have already known what you are thinking. Your internet searches, posts to social media, texts and calls have determined that for quite some time. They know where you are through a mix of cell and wifi beaconing and GPS. Through that, they can guess at who you have been in contact with.

Covid has brought forth technology that uses bluetooth beaconing to detect all devices around you. This gives the government the last piece of the puzzle for absolute intelligence. Previously, they had to use contact with cell towers that was not entirely accurate. Or they had to use GPS, which was intensive to use and compute. But now with bluetooth contact tracing apps, they can see who is around you down to the inch. They can distinguish between who you touched, versus who simply passed you by on the street. Furthermore, NSA doctrine has moved from three hops to six. Three hops was enough to connect half the world. Six, is enough to connect the rest.

So I urge you to turn your attention to the long game. It is easy to follow infection rates and violence. It is easy to turn your social and rhetorical capital to such ends. But that is not where it is needed. There are hundreds of millions of people tending to those situations. The world needs you to turn your energy towards the deeper plot. Indeed, I do say the world. Undeniable American supremacy guarantees that what happens in America spreads to the rest. If totalitarian cultures such as China are to be contested, America must remain a bastion of liberty and prosperity. Only possible if the talented citizens of America curtail and address that which harms freedom America stands for.

Thus I implore you, the next time you consider speaking up. Make it about the deeper plot surely in action to interdict more digital liberties. Rise above what is immediately captivating, and comment upon the long and nuanced game of technology. At first it was cavalry that ruled, then ships, then airplanes, and now it is computers that dictate supremacy.

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