It’s My Email And I Want It Now

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Uncategorized

Permission Marketing… Filters Strike Again

The deep truth is that users are not in control of their standard email. They are simply along for the ride. Users are particularly at the mercy of spam filters. In essence spam filters are a barbaric solution to unwanted email. They are fundamentally profiling, for the same reasons profiling people is wrong, so is profiling email. Particularly for small businesses having a single email being miss organized can be a dramatic loss.

Enveloperty Steps In

Same as foundation English common law as in small business email. It is far better to have ten spam emails go through, than for one legit email to be archived. That one legit email could have enormous consequence for the small business.

It is under this principle that Enveloperty revolves around user defined organization. Email is organized precisely to the users desires using efficient yet powerful tools. This way no email is eaten by an AI filter.

But at the same time there isn’t a torrent of interrupting email. No email is lost, but only email of extreme importance triggers notifications. The rest of the email is neatly placed in contextual user defined folders a click away.