Inbox Zero Email Security

by | May 3, 2020 | Behavioral InfoSec, Email Tradecraft, Executive Email Security | 0 comments

Complexity Is The Hackers Friend

One of the most powerful ways to upset hackers, is to keep things simple. Rob Joyce the former head of NSA’s Tailored Access Operations has a very powerful saying. Attributing the NSA’s hacking prowess to the fact that they put the time in to know a targets system better than those who built it and secure it. Nothing in the world can field as much talent and resources as the NSA. So you will never beat the NSA by out working them understanding a complex system. But what you can do, is make a system so simple that you can understand ever facet.

Take the TAILS operating system for example. It is often known as being one of the most secure operating systems. That isn’t because it is complex, it is because it is simple. The developers removed every module and line of code they could. This is called reducing attack surface. The less there is, the less hackers have to work with, and the less you have to secure.

There Is Power In Simplicity

Which brings me to the main point. There is significant security power in keeping things simple. Especially for services that are on the front lines, such as email. Email attacks are present in 90%+ of digital attacks. This makes simplifying email security a priority. Inbox zero philosophies are a step in the right direction. The concept of controlling email,simplifying and organizing the torrent of incoming email.

This is why Enveloperty exists. It is a simple yet unique solution to reinforce existing filter solutions. Filters do an excellent job of blocking phishing that has been seen before. Which is most of the phishing in the world. However, filters have difficulties detecting new phishing, without also harming legitimate mail. Which is where Enveloperty comes in. Enveloperty performs just as well against new phishing as it does old phishing. This is important because all it takes is one successful phishing email to cause damages. It is the abnormal phishing that gets through filters. So doesn’t it make sense, that the abnormal solution would catch them?

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