How’d You Like To Free Up Some IT Budget?

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Behavioral InfoSec, Bespoke Email, Email Tradecraft, Executive Email Security

Utilize Your Company Like You Use Your Brain

Many people are familiar with the myth that humans use only a fraction of their brains power. It is true that companies use a fraction of their potential to manage and resolve email issues. Instead, organizations lump the whole companies email problems on a small number of employees. Those employees are pretty much just told to “deal with it.”

It Starts With Mobilizing The Long Tail

This creates an opportunity for investing into the long tail. In a company of 200 there might be five people in IT. By enabling the 190 common employees to manage and protect their own email, a tremendous amount of work can be eliminated from the IT staff. Staff that are some of the most expensive in the company. That staff needs to be doing what only they can do. Empowering common employees to handle their own problems does just that.

Staffing Budget To Reward Your Employees

Enveloperty provides an email add-in that makes it simple for employees to resolve their own email problems such security and organization. This democratization of email capabilities enables common employees to handle their own email. This dramatically reduces the workload for the IT department. This reduction in workload makes it possible for portions of the IT staffing budget to be reallocated as additional staff needs are limited.