How Much Email Debt Do You Have?

by | May 5, 2020 | Behavioral InfoSec, Email Market, Email Tradecraft, Executive Email Security | 0 comments

Caught In A Wave… Threatening To Pull You Under

Email is tricky because it revolves around social graces. You are not interacting with a machine. You are interacting with a emotional human. Turns out saying “it’s just business” helps about as much as saying it’s not personal. To the PERSON you just offended, the damage is the same.

This extends to email because it is a non synchronous system. A call is synchronous, it takes place in real time. They expect you to respond to what they said immediately. But with email, there is a varying grace period for a person to answer. A period that is undefined, which is where unintentional insult can be offered if people have different expectations.

It takes time, energy, and emotional endurance to send important emails. Particularly when, in fact most often, the answer is no. It is so much easier to delay sending that email. Telling yourself you’ll do it soon, just not now. This is how email debt adds up. Whether it is responding to an email. Organizing email, putting things in their rightful place. Or enacting rules, such as unsubscribing and blocking senders.

At a certain point this email debt can feel like you are caught in a wave. Hurtling along in a direction you didn’t really want to go. Thrashing against the water trying to keep your head up. Email feels like this for a great many important people. But it really doesn’t have to feel like this. So as the problem with water, so is email, a lack of structure. You can not grasp water yourself. You need a bucket. A tool that gives form to the fluid, which you can then grasp and manipulate. The same for email. Enveloperty is that structure that lets you firmly control your email experience. Like a series of pipes and boilers in your home, manipulating, qualifying and storing email in whatever way serves you best!

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