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Proofpoint the email infosec company released a transcript and audio of a high level earnings call including their CEO. We couldn’t help noticing certain sections of the call seemed to have extreme relevance to Enveloperty’s vision. Source

To deal with these evolving challenges, companies need a comprehensive set of people-centric cybersecurity and compliance capabilities to better safeguard their employees from threats and the sensitive data they interact with.


From the start Enveloperty has been all about people. Most importantly a belief in not replacing people, but empowering them. Deception that is found in email attacks doesn’t have a shape or form. It is as diverse and subtle as someone lying to your face. Which is why we have operated under the assumption that humans are the superior detection mechanism, because every day people learn to catch liars.

As attackers have moved away from targeting infrastructure and towards socially engineered attacks to target people, security leaders increasingly need the ability to understand not only who in their organization is being targeted, but also the sensitivity of the information and the resources that those individuals can access, as well as how likely they are to be tricked and to succumb to an attack.


Enveloperty strongly believes that currently and for years to come the attack method of choice is social engineering. Finding a technical exploit is hard. It requires advanced talent, time and access for a frequently niche & limited usage. Phishing for example is just lying through email, anyone can do it. Not only is it easy, but is has proven to be worryingly effective.

Since over 90% of attacks begin with malicious email, this vector remains the most important entry point for an enterprise to secure.


KnowBe4 & Enveloperty to name a few have been shouting this fact from the rooftops for all we are worth. Not only is email important to invest in because failure to do so can cause dramatic losses, but because reliable defense can put a organization out ahead. If a company can put on a strong goal line stand on their email security, attackers will move on to other easier targets.

And given the rapidly changing threat landscape, existing legacy solutions are unable to provide enterprises with a sufficiently capable defense due to their lack of focus and innovation.


Traditional email was not built for what modern email is. Traditional email is fundamentally formless, with a whatever goes, goes policy. This was great for the original community of respectful researchers, engineers and scientists, but not for the modern wild west community of thieves, villains and spammers. Email needs a structure applied to it that gives users the upper hand against senders. Power to turn the ecosystem into a permission based system. That structure is Enveloperty’s dynamic addresses technology.

This unique vantage point, not only serves as the foundation of our exceptional ability to protect customers from email threats, but also enables us to provide each customer with actionable data regarding their most attacked employees and how best to protect them.


Training is so vital to email security, particularly when it comes to phishing. At the end of the day, it is our belief that the solution to phishing is going to be the user recognizing an attack. To provide relevant data for IT to evaluate trends with, and then educate users on, is going to be critical. The data Enveloperty provides is uniquely valuable because it shows a users thought process as they work, writing down their thoughts during persona creation.

The Takeaway

The fundamental point we are trying to get across here is that Enveloperty seems very similarly minded to Steele’s vision of the future of email infosec and Proofpoint. Enveloperty has recently realized that it delivers the most value when combined with a AI solution. The machines do what the machines are great at, and the humans do what the humans are great at. Expressed through the approach each product takes. As such Enveloperty is very eager to partner with other solutions. Particularly a group that produces a product with such incredible renewal rates!

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