For One Small Investment… Infosec Tradecraft

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Behavioral InfoSec, Case Study, Email Market, Email Tradecraft

Your Stimulus Check Doubled!

In our continual coverage of “some people suck 2020” we present a scam promising to double or triple ones money if they invest their stimulus check for 24 hours. Leveraging the common knowledge that market fluctuations mean more opportunity to make money. Taking advantage of the greed and desperation inherent in all of us. Operating on the aspirational American nature that keeps us waking up in the morning. You see someone on the news making money in the stock market, so naturally you imagine you can too.

Social Media Shenanigans

The banking and stimulus scams extend to social media as well. Running raffle scams of sorts where the first several people to interact with their post will receive enhanced covid aid. They generally claim to work for a bank to give credibility to their offer. Most people who contemplate such a situation immediately come to the decision that it is false. That is because you are not the target. The internet is a very big place. These people are targeting the bottom 1%. The people who are the most desperate. When you are drowning, you will reach for any possible life line.

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