Every Year Phishing Goal Line Stand

by | Jul 28, 2020 | Uncategorized

Careers And Companies Are Lost From What Follows Phishing

Hacks are like a plane crash. The crash is really just a result of a loose hose or burnt out sensor. The tragic mass casualty is a result of the dominoes falling on one another. If the ignition event that starts that series of dominoes, you don’t have the crash.

Phishing is like that loose hose and crossed wire. Phishing by nature is so quiet and nuanced. Hardly anyone realizes they have been phished until the final loud assault has happened. Similarly, there is a lack of measures and protection for this that starts all digital attacks. As such, phishing is frequently how hackers gain their initial access. They phish for credentials and work their way from there. Database breaches, malicious packets, snooping and all come from successful phishing.

Goal Line Stand On Their 1 Yard

A strong phishing defense stuffs hackers on their first breath. They need the beach head of stolen credentials in order to maneuver and deliver their tools. If you can deprive them of that beach head, the rest of their attack will be bottled up.

Enveloperty helps the user recognize and defeat phishing by isolating all of their contacts into unique bespoke email addresses. Instead of having a flood of email from everyone overwhelming you, each contact is isolated where you can address them one at a time.