You Have Better Things To Do Than Email

About once a week people get caught up on their email. This task can range from a mild nuisance to a daily catastrophe. This takes up valuable time and willpower. Both resources in short supply and better spent elsewhere. The ultimate win for email organization is to be aware of the necessary email and none of the unnecessary. The question has always been, how do you separate the two? On top of that, is it better to be too strict and miss some necessary email, or too loose and let some unnecessary email in?

Authoritative Control

The fundamental problem with traditional email organization is there is no way in the users control to differentiate senders. What differs senders is the senders address. Something the senders control… not great if they have malicious plans. Since almost all organization is based off that address.

Enveloperty changes this by putting the balance of power with the receiver. Users have infinite unique email addresses. Each sender gets a unique address to send to. Only specific addresses get routed to a folder the user sees. Giving the user all of the control over the sender. If a user wants to see email they will see it. If they don’t want to see email, they don’t. Making email extremely easy to manage.