Don’t Let A Mistake Turn Into A Catastrophe

One of the unintended consequences of a hack is the ability for collateral damage to snowball into an avalanche, taking out unconnected people and companies. Imagine a set of well secured login credentials. Robust against an upfront brute force attack. They are so strong you use the combo for all of your logins. But then some trashy website you signed up for gets breached. The hackers steal the login credentials of all users, including you. Immediately they turn around and smash that list of credentials into popular and important sites. All of the sudden, your code repository, your sales data and marketing platforms have hackers inside with your credentials. This is not abnormal, but very preventable.

Like A Ship, Seal The Compartments

Login credential compromise is a lot like a sinking ship. A gash opens and water floods in. The way a ship stays afloat is by having enough sealable compartments to keep the water from flooding into areas not in the gash. This is how one leak can take down a ship. You seal the compartments and work on pumping the water back out like with compressed gas.

This is the same as with credentials. Using unique credentials is like those compartments. Stopping the leak from flowing into otherwise unaffected areas. The ability to change credentials easily is like pumping out the water, rectifying the situation.

Enveloperty effects your login credentials by providing another unique field. Instead of just using a password manager and having only unique passwords. With Enveloperty you will also have a unique email address for your registrations. Rendering leaked credentials from other sites entirely useless. So a mistake from one site that leads to a breach. Does not lead to a huge task of changing all your credentials and fear of them being compromised.