First Impression For Your Months Long Deal

The first impression you make on another is critically important. People are not nearly as rational as they are emotional. Making a person like you is as important as having something attractive to sell. Making someone like you is a combination of charisma and image.

You need to not just do the right things, you need to look the right way. The bias people have on image is dramatic. A genius in sandals is not going to be treated as well as a simpleton in a suit. Always be thinking of what you are signaling to the client. One of the first signals is your email address. For some reason, it has been the norm to channel all email into one single address. Spam, phishing, automated email and valuable client communications all coming from and to the same place. How can you convince a client they are uniquely important to you while sharing a contact method with everyone else?

Unique + Personal = Bespoke

Most people are familiar with password managers. Aside from 1Password and LastPass, there are built in managers in Chrome. Password managers make it very easy to generate, store and use infinite unique passwords. Each password for each site can be a unique series of numbers and letters that you don’t need to worry about remembering.

Enveloperty has the same functionality. Enabling infinite unique email addresses to be used. The difference, is that Enveloperty is built to have those addresses be personalized for the contact. This gives context for the both parties. From this context important intelligence can be gleaned. But initially the primary benefit is that the client has the unique experience of being given a straight line directly for them. This is exactly the feeling that causes clients to like and trust you. That you go above and beyond in a way they haven’t experienced to take care of them.

So many deals are won and lost on “soft skills”. Bespoke addresses are cheating for soft skills. Getting client relations off to a great start. Bespoke addresses are hardly only for show. The direct line between you and the client is an incredible asset. Sending and receiving email immediately with no concern for filters. With this individual channel you should only receive email from this person to that address. Email reporting to be from them should only come from a specific address going to your specific address. Anything else and it is highly suspect.