How Is This Not Already Required?

Anyone who has flown or crossed a border has seen the signs reminding people to have their identification ready. The ID verifies that you are who you say you are, and provides context when run through the system. Such as if there are any restrictions on you, or additional relevant information.

Identification is a required step for practically anything secure… so what does that mean about email that it isn’t already required? Machine solutions look for things they know to be threats. They scan emails and look for malware. That’s like letting someone into your offices just because they aren’t carrying a gun. Just because you don’t have a weapon, doesn’t mean aren’t in the offices to do any amount of bad stuff.

My Inbox Is Privileged Access

This is why areas are closed to everyone who is not invited. You aren’t allowed access because you aren’t dangerous, you are barred because no one wants you here. This is the difference between whitelisting and blacklisting policies. Blacklisting is only barring clear dangers. Whitelisting is allowing only those who are expressly vetted and invited.

The inbox’s of valuable people need to be whitelisted. That doesn’t mean you get in and interrupt the person just because you don’t have malware. You get it only if they let you in. They verify if you are allowed in by checking your emails id badge. Are you who you say you are? Are there flags or anything that I need to know about? Info a click away in the Enveloperty add-in. Email must show ID for entry!