Email Inbox Zero Nice & Easy

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Uncategorized

A email inbox zero folder flow found on

Many executives and other email superusers swear by inbox zero. Inbox zero is the concept of addressing & organizing all email quickly. It has been a driving concept since 2007. However, it has always been an ad hoc maneuver without a email system built for it. This is unfortunate as apart from the time inbox zero takes, many people decide their schedules through their email. They receive orders and invitations to meetings through email. For intelligence workers, their time and attention are their most valuable assets.

So Enveloperty created a system that is unparalleled for the inbox zero methodology. Enveloperty is unparalleled because it operates off of the patent pending dynamic addresses system. The dynamic addresses system grants easy use of superior granularity in both inbound and outbound email.

In standard email systems all email goes into the single folder, inbox. In Enveloperty’s executive email, users can label senders and groups of senders in any manner. While some standard email systems allow users to create custom folders, none have built their system around custom folders as Enveloperty has. This way inbound email can be grouped and organized on a variety of basis. The result is creating several ‘inboxes’ for inbox zero users based on things such as priority or a common theme. For example, it is trivial for a user to set up a folder flow like the one imaged above, for both their work inbound email and their personal email. Or for critical email and non critical email.

The result is instead of one large ‘inbox’ to get to 0 regardless of what’s inside or how important it is, there are many ‘inboxes’ to get to 0 when the time is appropriate. By default the user will be alerted by email from senders deemed critical. More superfluous email will not trigger notifications so you stay focused on what matters when it matters.