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Three Core Components

Unique Address

Give each valuable contact you have a unique address. For example. costco@, anything is valid. A persona is fundamentally a unique address created for a specific sender, routing to a specific folder. Personas are how Enveloperty organizes email.

Route To Folder

Route any unique address to any folder. Folders will have context. So an address given to your bank will route to your Financial folder. An address given to your boss will go to your Work folder. This keeps even a tidal wave of email manageable as everything will be in its place. You will only be notified of things you explicitely want to be notified of.

Drop It At Anytime

Should an address start receiving bad email, it can be set to route into a black hole with a click of a button. There is no way for those bad senders to reach you, because you’re not blocking them, you’re cutting them loose entirely, as if you deleted your account. But the sender will have no idea their email is going into a black hole so they won’t know to change up!

Persona Creation

Personas are how Enveloperty organizes email. A persona is fundamentally a unique address created for a specific sender. This basic innovation is what allows for the control, Enveloperty users experience. In standard email, users have a single email address. They are at the mercy of senders to respect them. In Enveloperty, users have unlimited addresses. This allows users to fundamentally sever the connect a sender has with them. Switching the balance of power from the sender, to the user.

Inline User Display

To the right is a snippet of the Enveloperty user control. The user control is always present while the add on is running. The most important aspect is the heads up display parts. The intentionally most obvious form is the colored square. The color corresponds to a security classification. Green means SPF & DKIM passed, yellow means SPF passed but not DKIM, red means SPF failed. To the left of the colored alert square displays the name of the persona, confidence and if the addresses is trusted.

In Browser Color Coding

Keeping in the heads up display design principles, color coding marking whether a message has a persona or is trusted is displayed in the Outlook message scrollbar. Potentially allowing users to detect patterns & anomalies such as a folder or persona being filled with red.

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