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Three Core Components

Unique Address

Just like you know it is good to have a unique password for every account. It is better to have a unique email address for every account

Know Who Leaked

Half the battle is protecting yourself from an attack. The other half, is preventing it from happening again. Unique addresses lets you know who coughed up your address

Drop It At Anytime

Should an address start receiving bad email, it can be set to route into a black hole with a click of a button. There is no way for those bad senders to reach you, because you’re not blocking them, you’re cutting them loose entirely, as if you deleted your account. But the sender will have no idea their email is going into a black hole so they won’t know to change up

Auto Generate

Enveloperty automatically creates unique email addresses when you send email without one already selected. This prevents your original email address from being leaked

Route To Folder

Since each of your contacts will get their own unique address. You can route email based on the address sent to. You can do this by philosophy, such as inbox zero. Or you can create your own organization based on importance or context

In Browser Color Coding

Keeping in the heads up display design principles, color coding marking whether a message is approved and displayed in the Outlook message scrollbar. Potentially allowing users to detect patterns & anomalies 

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