Deep Dive

Why Should I Care?

Three Core Utilities

Infinite Aliases

Enveloperty allows users to create infinite aliases. These aliases are by default automatically created, but can be customized as well

Check Their “ID Card”

By displaying security data about an email, combined with context about who has access to an alias. It is simple for users to discover phishing

Drop Senders Anytime

Should an alias start receiving bad email, it can be routed to trash with a click. Then there is no way for said senders to reach you

An Upgrade For Email Aliases

An excellent article covering email aliases can be found here. The alias system inside most email systems is a good foundation. Enveloperty has empowered this system. Working entirely out of an easy to access add-on, Enveloperty makes aliases easier to use as well as providing additional functionality.

Business will capture the most value from this add-on. The most important benefit of Enveloperty is enabling users to manage and protect their own email. This democratization frees up IT and Infosec staff to do what only the can do. 

Check Their “ID” Card

With one click users can check the “ID” card of an email. Providing critical information for the user to make an informed decision about the security of the email.

Forever Be Rid Of Senders

Since each of your contacts will get their own unique address. Attribution is easy and senders are isolated. Sending an address to the trash folder prevents that contact from bothering you. Enveloperty shadowbans, provding no info to senders. So they can’t enumerate or test for valid addresses

Check For Red

Life is busy and complex in modern offices. Security tools must not interrupt work flow. Enveloperty can be as simple as checking for red. Based on who the user approves as a sender and DMARC checks the add-in displays red or green to alert the user. If an address is compromised, it is two clicks to be rid of it.