Colt Made Them Equal, Enveloperty Makes Phishing A Fight

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Behavioral InfoSec, Bespoke Email, Email Address Manager, Executive Email Security

Goliath Vs The Grandma

In the days before the revolver, size and training was everything. A grandma taking on Goliath would never prevail. Even with the advent of gunpowder, firearms were too unwieldy for many to use. But with a revolver, all grandma needs is one good shot of several to beat Goliath. Suddenly the bullies had something to fear. The next time you try to shake someone down, you could be put down. Creating a chance for peace by equalizing the power between predator and victim through a simple and powerful innovation.

Enveloperty Equalizing Email Security

Phishing is one of the great threats facing organizations. It doesn’t require malicious code, making it difficult for machines to detect. Phishing protection requires a human element. The industrial standard is to use machines solutions or punt the problem to analysts. This is the paradigm that existed in the days of swords. Experts fighting against experts with commoners stuck in the crossfire. Colt enabled the commoner to stand for themselves.

Enveloperty enables the common employee to stand against phishing, just as effectively as an expert.

This democratizing of protection reduces cost, time, and risk. A common solution to phishing is handing off the problem to IT analysts. This method is wildly expensive as there is no getting around the high salary of these experts. Furthermore, the subsequent workload has caused significant burnout, causing more stress. Instead of forwarding emails to IT through methods such as a phish alert button, Enveloperty enables common employees to solve their own phishing problems. By empowering them to detect and then authoritatively dispose of bad senders, the workload on IT is dramatically lifted. At the same time increasing security, as the chain for phishing policy now starts and ends at the same place.