Anti-Phishing Training Raises Questions

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Behavioral InfoSec, Bespoke Email, Email Address Manager, Email Market, Enveloperty, Executive Email Security

Enveloperty Provides Answers

Anti-phishing training is about exposing trainees to the dangers of phishing and shaping their mind about how to think about using email safely. Training does an excellent job of educating people to the possibilities. But most programs are quite scant on easy solutions to said dangers.

The purpose of Enveloperty is to be a tool that provides easy to find answers to the questions training teaches them to be asking themselves. Do I need to read this email? Should I report this email? Who really sent this email? Questions that are very difficult to answer on your own, that Enveloperty makes very easy to answer. Industry leading anti-phishing training tells users to go through the difficult process of checking headers. Enveloperty parses and displays the info right in the add-in. It is simple things like this which is how Enveloperty makes the anti-phishing training actually executable by users.

Enveloperty’s greatest weapon against phishing is context. Enveloperty operates like a password manager. Users have infinite unique email addresses to give out to contacts. Isolating contacts to a single unique address makes attribution, identification and trashing easy. Each contact should only ever email you from and to specific addresses. So if you get email pretending to be them you know it is fake. Or if they email you something out of context, like your dry cleaner emailing you about your bank info, you know it is phishing.