It’s All About The Execution

Phishing is an abstruse threat. In essence it is just lying with a goal and a plan. Deception is everywhere when humans interact, some by accident, some not by accident. There are specific markers one can look for in email phishing. Anti-phishing training is about educating trainees on the realities of phishing and how to look for those markers. Unfortunately they do not have easy ways of looking for those markers. That is where Enveloperty steps in.

Enveloperty is an add-in for GSuite & Outlook. This companion tool isolates contacts to unique addresses making them easy to handle. As well as pulling valuable information from the headers. Together this information answers the questions users are trained to ask themselves in anti-phishing training. Most importantly this add-in operates in a clear and minimalist way. Users are offer very busy, loathe to be slowed by security practices. Enveloperty does not interrupt their usual email flow.