Anti-Phishing Success Requires Instruction AND Equipment

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Behavioral InfoSec, Bespoke Email, Email Address Manager, Email Market, Executive Email Security

Golf With A Hockey Stick

People are not the extent of their equipment but are certainly limited to it. You aren’t guaranteed to win a golf tournament with proper gear. But you are guaranteed to lose if you play with a hockey stick. If someone knows next to nothing about golf, they would wonder what the problem is. Golf is a game where you hit the ball. You can hit the ball with a hockey stick… what’s the problem? Once in a blue moon someone makes it work. So people assume if that person can do it, so can they. But that just isn’t going to work out on mass.

This seems absurd because most people are familiar with golf. A ludicrous and overt metaphor. But how many people are familiar with your industry? How often are people oversimplifying something you known of to be just as wrong? Human phishing defenses are currently as absurd as playing golf with a hockey stick.

Enveloperty The Companion Tool

Enveloperty is the add-in for Outlook & Gsuite that makes phishing awareness training actionable. Leading to users being successful in the real world. Like equipping your golfers with a professional instruction video set and proper golf clubs. Both elements are required to find meaningful success. Enveloperty isolates contacts to unique addresses to make them easy to manage and providing context. As well as pulling important information from headers. Together this information makes it simple for users to reason about the security of an email.