Analyst Workload Use Case

Increased Email Security Effectiveness -> Reduced Workload -> Limited Burnout

Email is the highest volume attack vector because of its simplicity and effectiveness. It makes sense that it is also responsible for a high volume of SIEM alerts, work & subsequent burnout. A reduction in email attacks trickles down to less workload in every facet as nearly every attack starts with email.

Commanders Come First

Attackers will naturally come after those with authority or access first. From accountants, to human resources, to IT itself. Therefore, defenders must prioritize alerts that come from these priority targets. Defenders will know who to prioritize because personas will be labelled with permissions such as billing. Furthermore, auditing and editing of valuable accounts is made easy because all contacts are separated into personas already. Making a simple platform to extract data from.

Honeypot Goes Snap

It is known that organizations & individuals are constantly scanning for high value addresses. Contact sellers automatically search and add addresses to their lists. A high volume of email comes from these sellers, as they resell the list over and over. The value of placing a false address in these lists is extreme. Using dynamic addresses a false address can be given to these contact sellers. Then, anyone who uses that email address can be immediately blacklisted.

honeypot education

Data For Education

Effective training is key to anti phishing. That training needs to come form the most relevant data. What better data could there be than your own? Each users form data is available for further training and analysis.

Circle The Wagons

The philosophy of Enveloperty is that incoming email either has a persona, should get a persona, or deleted. A rather inbox zero approach. This reduces the sheer volume of alerts and subsequent malware as a large percent of potential email is tossed before ever reaching the user. This reduces the attack surface of an organization drastically.





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