An Enveloperty dynamic address is like a hotel key

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Executive Email Security

Why do hotels let you keep your plastic key card? If this access token can get you in the building and into a room, why don’t they demand it back? Furthermore, if every room lock is the same, shouldn’t I be afraid that someone else’s key will unlock my door?

Well of course not! Your plastic key card contains a digital security token that’s only for you. It only allows access to areas you are allowed into, and only for the duration you have been allotted.

This way a hotel can service many hundred unique guests a day, while maintaining security. Enveloperty operates in a similar way. You the Enveloperty user will give out unique addresses(hotel keys) that allow access to the hotel(domain) and to specific rooms(folders). Just like a hotel key, if a guest abuses your trust, their permissions can be changed(kicked from a priority folder) or can be banned entirely(blacklist). With a few strokes on the keyboard the guest is ejected and denied entry to the hotel, problem solved.