AI Is Not Infosec’s Saving Grace

by | May 28, 2020 | Behavioral InfoSec, Email Market, Email Tradecraft, Executive Email Security

Machines have long been hyped as the solution to information security woes. Saturated with images of machine precision and the spectacular intellect of those who create them. Unfortunately this is not entirely accurate. Machines are excellent at doing the same task many times, reliably. The nature of cybersecurity is that it is the life goal of hackers to do whatever the defenders are not expecting. Which means machines have limited use.

The ultimate tool for operating in the turbulent infosec environment is the human. Nothing else in the world compares to the humans aptitude for adaptation and vision. Humans ability to surprise should never be underestimated. These are the qualities necessary to upset phishers. People with perception empowered by machines. Because machines absolutely have a purpose in infosec. Machines ability to parse large amounts of information with accuracy is incredible.

This is what Enveloperty does. We use machines to do comparison operations. Does this address match that address down to the bit? We then take the answer to that question, and present it to the user. The organic intelligence the user possesses is able to make sense of the data and how it relates to their security. Most importantly, this process is instant and trivial. With the most basic understanding of deception all humans possess, users can decide if the email they receive is phishing or not.