An Upgrade For Plus Addressing

Every Employee Protecting and Taming Their Own Email

Reducing Workload, Freeing Up IT Budget

Leveling Up Your Human Firewall Every Day

Enveloperty delivers value every day. From your employees on the front lines wheeling and dealing, all the way to the executives with company secrets

Bespoke Addresses

Making it personal is making it serious. Contacts feel better when you are taking them seriously. Start the relationship off to a good and remarkable start

Eased Email Flow

Once a week people catch up on their email. A horrible experience for most. Only seeing the email you want to see makes this process trivial

Credential Containment

Services are hacked all the time. Credentials are exposed and stuffed in other services. Unique addresses keep you safe from credential harvesting and stuffing

Phishing Compromise

Phishing gets into your inbox, then your computer, then your company. The resulting attacks from phishing take companies and careers down. Stopping at phishing stops that

IT Is Too Expensive To Check Phishing Emails

IT Is Too Expensive To Check Phishing Emails

Default Is Send It To IT The prevailing defense against phishing is phishing awareness training. Most training programs advocate for sending suspicious emails to the IT department. As a matter of fact, one of the largest training companies has a button to make it...

How’d You Like To Free Up Some IT Budget?

How’d You Like To Free Up Some IT Budget?

Utilize Your Company Like You Use Your Brain Many people are familiar with the myth that humans use only a fraction of their brains power. It is true that companies use a fraction of their potential to manage and resolve email issues. Instead, organizations lump the...

Taming Email Requires Democratization, Not Specialization

Taming Email Requires Democratization, Not Specialization

Self-Sufficiency Must Match Inconsistency The natural course of progress has been to specialize. One person does one thing really well and does it for all the others who have their own specializations. The difficulty is this makes the system fragile. Failure of one...