Email Address Manager

Unique, Secure Email Addresses. Like A Password Managers Unique & Secure Passwords

New & Necessary Structure For Email

In traditional email, the senders have the power. In Enveloperty’s architecture, the users definitively have the power. Using a unique and powerful architecture to only receive only the email you explicitly want.


90%+ of digital attacks start with attacking email. Whether that is trying to scam credentials, or implant malware. Enveloperty’s architecture presents a unique challenege for hackers that catches what filters don’t


Login credentials are usually email address and password. Password managers are outstanding for keeping passwords unique and secure. Now Enveloperty keeps your email address unique and secure. Securing the other half of your login credentials


Your information will be breached at some point. It is just the reality of the modern age. Enveloperty allows you to identify where your data was stolen from. From there you can determine if it was a infosec incident, or if they just up and sold your information

Startup School

Enveloperty graduated from the 2018 & 2019 Y Combinator Startup School sessions


Enveloperty is part of the 2018 DigitalOcean Hatch program


Enveloperty is part of the 2018 SendGrid Accelerate program

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Email With Infinite Maneuverability

Email With Infinite Maneuverability

Email Chess, Changing The Game By Cheating The ultimate way to win is to not play the game everyone else is playing. To constrict, expand and manipulate the field of play to your benefit is the utmost advantage. If your opponent is fast, narrow the field. If you are...

Authoritative Control Over Who Emails You

Authoritative Control Over Who Emails You

If You Believe Jason Fried, Believe Us For years we at Enveloperty have been talking about the need for control over email. It is more than we could’ve hoped for to have a person like Jason Fried publicly support the same ideals. His featured article in TechCrunch...

If You Email Them, You Know Half Their Login

If You Email Them, You Know Half Their Login

Leaking Credentials Faster Than A Squished Juice Box It is common for services to use the registration email as half of the login credentials. This means anyone who knows your email address knows half of your login credentials. This creates a singular point of failure...

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