Multi-Factor Email Whitelisting

Whitelisting is an effective defense against phishing among other attack tactics. Enveloperty differs from other whitelists by providing multiple factors to indicate deception. This method of empowering the user instead of replacing, is called organic intelligence. Human's posses natural talent for detecting deception. Perfect for detecting abnormal attacks machines can't. Enveloperty empowers this talent by providing the following factors


Each contact is given a unique email address by the user. The contact should only ever send email to that unique address, binding the two into a persona. This compartmentalizes contacts. If a contact that has a persona, sends email to a different address, the user knows something is up. Personas are the base of organization

Trusted Sender

Attackers frequently substitute characters in other languages among English to trick users. For example, switching the O's in Google for Cyrillic look alikes. Each persona has a discrete list of accepted senders. Alerting the user if a sender is not on that list, like if a substitution attack is being used


The most powerful human talent is context. Utilizing a users depth of knowledge and asking the user, is this suspicious? When a persona is created the user enters their rationale, confidence and what they feel is suspicious. Together the act of writing this information positions the user in a aware state challenging the most sophisticated attacks


Data from users is aggregated and displayed in reporting for IT & Infosec depts use. The goal is to reduce the workload of false positives and aid efforts of training, response and adaptation


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